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Created by: Karakter Records, April 6, 2021, Genre: Indie
Artist: N/a, Label: Karakter Records, Collab/Remixers: N/a
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The world seems to have stopped, but we have to keep moving.
It is on moments like these, when everything seems to fade, that the creation and sharing of new music not only allow us to escape and breathe for a brief moment but also helps us remember who we are. It is in this capacity that Karakter announces its 15th release.

Born under Tel Aviv's sun and based in Berlin, Yotam Russo aka Lott is the men behind our newest release, joined by Los Angeles duo Club Tularosa and the recently Lisbon based Rina, delivering two beautiful reinterpretation of Lott's creations.

"Mosi used to come and hang out in the studio with me, middle eastern sounds always charm him. The music wants to transmits an attitude towards life that is dark and humorist, punk and spiritual altogether. A contrast we adapted living in Berlin.

It is an invitation to an unpredictable drive, taking left when it's looking like right and going up when it feels like down, to try and not find reason in everything, to be who you are and celebrate dancing.

It is a clash of rave music from the ’90s and Lott's natural tendency to express his middle east influences in his sound."

Catalogue: K#015
Written & Produced by Yotam Russo
Remixed by: Asaf Sanzer, Ray Barragan and Lionel Rifkin
Mastered by Z Services
Artwork by Sainne


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