LOVE (Extended Version) D# 138bpm

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? Love ?

Written in 2018 we wanted to create a track that had that nice atmosphere of a slow bumping psy-trance base but mixed with a TechnoDrum-Kick.

it wasnt that easy and i think the actual Kick&base took at least 3-4 hours to actually get it working to a point where we could working with the rest of the track. ?

As usual we wanted to create the feeling of a story and a journey throughout the track and the atmosphere of happiness (0:43-Plucky Light Sounds). You know when you have that feeling of love, regardless if it is love for a friend, a thing or a partner everyone should embrace that feeling as often one can.

The concept of the track is basicly feeling of LOVE but not particular for a partner, perhaps more so, a feeling for freedom, dance and the unconditional love we all share for music.

This track is still unreleased and has only been played in our live shows, so grab it here on Audiocult before anyone else.


Yea we are still workin on that new Album and this one will of course be one of the tracks on it but with a twist, but yea we are so close to being ready but then Covid hit and as we are not money hungry we wait with the release of the album until the Lockdown is over and the album release can perhaps give us some bookings , so we can go out and spread the love and energy we put in in the tracks.

PS: yea we know it has been 3 years since it was finished but we wanted to release it in the upcoming album that freakin Covid put a huge delay to. :(


Written by: Rickard Svensson & Johannes Drakenberg
Artist Name: eLement9
Released on: Independent
Relelase Date: unknown(c19)
Production Date: 2018-11-14


We would love to hear what you think about the track, as we only played it a few times.
Please comment below

Thank you so much <3

/Rickard & Johannes
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Linear Kaos
Thank you for bringing This in <3
Anthony Drone
Anthony Drone
finally some proper psy :)
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