Magic Act

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Genre Indie
Karakter Records' latest instalment stems from the current epicentre of rhythmic electronics and is crafted by the hands of Eyal Ben Shimon, also known as Olsvangèr. The Tel-Aviv resident has already showcased his multitude of talents as a resident at Piano House, recent gigs at Breakfast Club and The Block and as one of the pillars of rave community BOR. His extensive collection of hypnotic synth-pop, acid and African electronic music show just a fraction of his range of influences used for his music, which is to be heard soon on upcoming releases on the infamous NEIN Records and Sulk Magic.

On K#003, he utilizes this versatility as a weapon, creating two monsters of tracks, each with its own set of characteristics. Magic Act, with its signature dark piano, haunting percussion stabs and human sounds, paints a mental picture of a magician on stage, doing his trickery amidst the darkness, with tension rising towards the prestige. Mental Contest is the lighter track of the pair, with africanesque percussion supporting the soul-piercing and increasingly bizarre synth-work. The finishing touch of the release comes from the hands of Panorama Channel. The Russian duo delivers a powerhouse remix, taking the rhythmic elements from the original and adding a very strong pulsating bassline.

Supported by: Kurt Baggaley, Switchdance, Naduve, Raph (Cabaret Nocturne), Photonz, Mira, Twofold; Sigward, Low Manuel and Art In Motion among others.

Catalogue: K#003
Written & Produced by Eyal Ben Shimon
Mastered by Jay ‘Jedi' Hodgson at MOTTOsound
Artwork by Motta
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