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Created by: Karakter Records, March 31, 2021, Genre: Indie
Artist: Switchdance, Label: Karakter Records, Collab/Remixers: N/a
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It was never meant to be spread, the Black Tape. It should have remained a secret for all eternity. It was safer that way. No-one should have ever experienced its black magic anymore. Not after all that happened.

But it all went awry. The tape fell in the wrong hands and copies were made. Copies with alterations. Copies with a new identity, but all of them at least as dangerous as the original. Trippy hypnotism to unleashed dark energies in the strongest of combinations crafted by the wickedest of sorcerers. These sorcerers go by the names of Zombies in Miami, Iñigo Vontier, Uriah Klapter, Yør Kultura, Olsvangèr and Pedro Martins.

Karakter Records' first EP of the year is a remix issue of Switchdance's masterpiece "The Black Tape" by some of the best artists when it comes to the rough, hypnotic left field house, creating a variety of different vibes and energy on already the sixth instalment of the Amsterdam label.

Catalogue: K#006
Mastered by Jay ‘Jedi' Hodgson at MOTTOsound
Artwork by Motta


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