Limbo Walker

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Switchdance, one of the resident DJ's at Lisbon's notorious Lux Frágil, is undeniably one of Portugal’s finest and most adventurous DJ’s and producers, renowned for his highly eclectic and profoundly hypnotic sets. Taking his love of psychedelic arpeggios, gothic melodies and dusty drum machine-driven percussive moments from across a broad spectrum of influences which he then distils and restructures into a unique sound elegantly displayed in his productions showcased on labels such as Beachcoma and Areal.

“The Black Tape” is his first release in 2017 and features 6 tracks that have been in development for the past few years. From mysterious opener “Bass Of Ace” with its ridiculously catchy lead arpeggio and hip-shaking percussion to the frankly beautiful introspective melodies of the titular track, the middle eastern gothic dance floor jams that are “Kala Bhairava” and “Limbo Walker”, and the Jon Carpenter influenced “After Dark” and “Father Nature” rounding out the EP and ensuring that there is something here for any fan of forward-thinking electronic music.

Supported: Dixon, Âme, Fairmont, Kurt Baggaley, Panorama Channel, Mira, Low Manuel, Sigward and Xinobi among others.

Catalogue: K#002
Written & Produced by Marco Antão
Mastered by Jay ‘Jedi' Hodgson at MOTTOsound
Artwork and Video Clip by Motta
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