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18 November
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Oblivion : Chapter 5 : Human Vs Machine

Yas Beach شاطئ ياس - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
Friday, November 18, 2022 10:00 - Sunday, November 20, 2022 23:59
Chapter 5 : : Human Vs Machine

Equipped with the restored chapter around the portal where everything began we
found our selves assembled. “REVEAL the restored chapter ”he who’s name is
many shouted and so did we as we braced for impact, the earth crumbled and
broke the portal’s seal. Instantly Into the portal everyone jumped but little did they
know, that the cyborg tried to warn them, little did they know they entered a battle
against the machine. “Humanity will be forever lost to technology” laughed the
cyborg. “Not without a battle” replied he whose name is many .

This Event will not have a pre camp the Festival will start directly from DAY 1 with Main stage running.

There will be 2 types of tickets
Human Tickets and Machine Tickets ( they are same price )

you will have to chose on which side you want to be, and dress accordingly to your tribe.
the camps will be separated in two camps, the machines and the Humans camp.
there will be games happening during the festival and points to be collected.
the djs also will be assigned to each tribe, and votes will be casted to the best performances.
once the chapter ends we will announce who dominated the RAVE.

if humans dominate, they will be the ones writing chapter 6 story.
If machines dominate they will be the ones writing the next chapters' Story.

Humans and machines
Entry Policy.

What is the entrance policy?
1. Entrants must be above the age of 21
2. No dress code. Whatever you are comfortable in.
3. No illegal substances or paraphernalia
4. No outside food or beverages
5. No Animals / pets
6. No outside music equipment
7. No in and out policy unless agreed with the security. Entrants must stay within the grounds once in except in extenuating circumstances
8.Event Ticket Are Non Refundable Only Exchangeable.
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